Marine and Oil & Gas

The battle for talent is on in the marine, oil and gas industry. There are skills shortages and a lack of young professionals entering the labor force, which threatens short and long-term growth prospects for the sector. It’s a challenge for the sector to attract, recruit, and retain the talented & reliable manpower for marine, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.%

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Manufacturing Sector


Industrial jobs cover a wide range of employment opportunities, including everything from manufacturing to purchasing and sales. Both part-time and full-time positions are widely available in the sector, and jobs necessitating graveyard shifts and unconventional hours are also common to the field.

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Construction Sector is thriving in Middle East. With fast paced economic growth and rapid improvisation in infrastructure, the demand for semi-skilled, skilled and professionals is on a rise in construction industry. Our  team is specialised in recruiting civil construction manpower supply services everywhere in UAE.

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Manufacturing has progressed over past few decades, thereby creating profuse opportunities in these sectors.
Successful manufacturing recruitment is challenging which requires in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the whole industry.

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