Welders are the backbone of any project. Welders are a crucial part of any construction site and particularly so in the oil and gas industries. They are responsible for making sure that all of the steel pieces come together properly and that they are fit for purpose.

Welding is a skill that takes years to perfect, so it is not something that you can hire just anyone to do. However, whether you have a large or small project, we have the welder manpower supply in UAE to get it done right.

Welder Manpower Supply in UAE- PrimeTech

The most common types of welders include:

Arc Welders (6G) – These welders use an arc between the electrode and metal being welded; this causes molten metal to flow into the joint and form a bond between the two pieces of material being welded together.

TIG Welders (3G & 4G) – These welders use Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, which uses an arc similar to that found in arc welding but also incorporates an inert gas such as Argon or Helium in order to protect both the electrode and base metal from oxidation while they are being heated up.

Mig Welders – These welders that use electricity to melt and join pieces of metal. MIG welding uses lots of electricity to create an electrical arc between an electrode wire and the metal being welded. The arc melts the wire, which is then deposited to create the weld.

GTAW + SMAW Welder-  These are common arc welding processes in welders will heat required to melt parent and filler material is generated by an arc established between an electrode and the workpiece.

FCAW+SMAW Welder– Flux-cored arc welding is very similar to GMAW or MIG welding with one key difference – the electrode.

in FCAW is shielded by the flux core (removing the need for a shielding gas) which protects the electrode from the wind and the air.

We can provide you with skilled welders who have years of expertise in their area at PrimeTech Welder & Fabrication Manpower Supply.

Our team of welders can handle a variety of different welding jobs for you

Welder manpower supply in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates in UAE.

We are able to provide you with skilled welders for your project. We have an extensive database of welders from different nationalities and backgrounds. Our welders are trained to work on different types of projects such as offshore, onshore, marine structures and construction projects. Our welders are available for short term contracts (1 day to 1 month) as well as long term contracts (1 year plus).

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