In the UAE, reputed manpower supply companies provide manpower to the oil and gas sector of the country. To execute specific work, this industry needs employees with every particular training and expertise. We make sure that we provide our highly qualified workers, given the varying demand for these workers. Primetech is one of the leading manpower supply firms in the UAE. We build rapport and guarantee that our clients are constantly happy with the labour they receive. There are numerous things to think about when hiring a manpower staffing firm to make sure you’re picking the right people for your prioritised project.

The Oil and gas industry

The Oil and gas industry needs a dedicated well experienced workforce. When an industry is short of staff, they mostly rely on Technical manpower companies in the UAE that have a pool of talented workers who are readily available. Through thorough screening processes, labour supply companies in UAE are committed to supplying the oil and gas business with the most qualified people.

This ensures that your client only gets the best worker on the field. The professionals at the organisation make sure that the candidates have the required traits and adhere to the company’s criteria. Various studies show that a significant issue in the industry is the lack of trained workers in the oil and gas sector.

To meet the demands of these industries, companies rely on trustworthy and experienced manpower staffing companies in UAE. The oil and gas sector is a crucial part of the economy of every nation. To secure a prosperous future, it is crucial for all nations to have a trained workforce in this sector. Primetech has a pool of well-trained workers, structural fabricators in the UAE, pipe fabricators, and more. We are equipped to deploy our best workforce as early as you need. The oil and Gas industry suffers from a labour shortage, which is bad for both the national and local economies. It has a negative impact on both the domestic economy and the economies of foreign nations. But the oil and gas industries
appeal to a lot of individuals in the area.

Manpower Staffing

The UAE’s oil and energy industries are expanding quickly and requiring skilled people. The recruitment of manpower is crucial for the continuous expansion of the oil and LNG industries because the UAE is one of the top exporters and producers of natural gas and oil in the world. PrimeTech has years of expertise and a track record of sending the best candidates onto fields. We employ a foolproof screening mechanism to filter the best man for your work. The industry right now employs around a million people and is in constant need of a workforce. Despite the strong need for skilled labour, the industry lacks enough individuals with the required abilities. The industry’s growth is severely constrained by this deficit.
Benefits of having skilled oil and gas manpower services.

  • Higher productivity rate.
  • Saves money, and avoids long recruitment process.
  • Boost Profitability
  • An exponential increase in the quality of work.


The best manpower supply in UAE plays a crucial part in the sector of oil and gas manpower supply companies. The crucial insight is that a workforce’s quality has a higher influence on labour force skills in construction projects. When it comes to enhancing the performance of various oil and gas labour
supply projects, skilled labours are an important asset. On-time manpower supply of skilled labours that results from better hands-on expertise, overall experience and knowledge has a significant positive impact on oil and gas companies in the UAE. The oil and gas industry has standardized policies for hiring skilled, experienced and competitive manpower supply from the best labour supply in UAE to achieve overall future requirements of the oil and gas manpower services which are essential for project execution and sustainability