Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), sometimes referred to as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is regarded as an arc welding procedure that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode in order to produce a strong weld. The most popular method for welding tiny portions of stainless steel, light metals like
aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys, as well as several other metals except lead and zinc is gas tungsten arc welding (GAW).

The GTAW process gives the welder more control over the weld, resulting in stronger and higher-quality welds. The GTAW welder’s ability to heat and join two or more metal parts together without the use of filler material is one of its main advantages. TIG machines, in contrast to other kinds of welders, need greater expertise and training to be utilised effectively. Additionally, by doing this, there is
less chance of creating damaged seals or weakening the weld. In actuality, rather than using molten metals to link two or more metal pieces together, this process mixes the metal parts together. The welder needs to be precise and accurate to complete the process successfully.

The formation of a focused arc and stability of the weld depends on the expertise of GTAW welders
in the UAE.
Even though slightly slower rates compared to other processes the process demands precise hand-eye coordination. PrimeTech, a leading manpower supply firm in UAE has a pool of GTAW welders for all your project requirements. Our fleet consists of structural fabricators, pipe fabricators in UAE
and highly professional and skilled welders.

How do we choose welders?

We list how we choose the best staff welders in UAE for your project.
● Our welders are good with math and considerably better with blueprints, calculating dimensions, and comprehending 2D and 3D designs. We have industry expert welders and experienced GTAW welders who are always ready to join your project.
● A good welder must always pay attention to the little things, such as cleaning grease and rust off of workpieces, double-checking their equipment before use, and remembering suitable PPE. Our welders make minimal errors are permissible when welding as they are well versed in the process and are up to date with technological changes.
● Technically speaking, welding can be a messy job if it isn’t handled well. A good welder needs steady hands and good hand-eye coordination to produce high-quality welds.
● Our welders at Primetech, a leading manpower supply in UAE regulate weld pools, hold your tools steadily, and produce results that are robust and have a smooth appearance at all times.
● Welding is a physically demanding job. Our GTAW welders in the UAE make sure to keep their health in check so that they are available for any quantum of work.
● We can send our recruited welders to any size of job, they have communication skills to deal with all situations. You can get in touch with PrimeTech in case you are in need of an expert